Southern Dynamics (P) Ltd specializes in  providing products and services relating to  advanced technology capital goods and R&D equipments for core sectors including Steel, Heavy Electricals, Large Manufacture, Military, Space, Telematics, Medical and Education etc 

SOUTHERN DYNAMICS (P) LTD founded in 1980 by engineers  worked for six years in Defense R&D and later with Indian distributors of Hewlett Packard, Varian computer system.  They have the credit of working on the country's first time share computer systems at IIM Ahmedabad. It is registered under Registrar of Companies Act (1956), Government of India. Southern Dynamics originally started as prospects driven company, fulfilling contract supply opportunities, for advanced technology capital goods, today represents specialist manufacturers worldwide to meet India's growing technology advances.



Industrial Display systems are the beginning and end result of each action a user makes when operating any process control system, on-board ship-self-defense system, or manufacturing operation. Therefore, VarTech Systems plays a crucial role in the successful operation of your business or application process. From the factory floor to the control room, VarTech Systems has the quality services and products you need. We invite you to take a closer look at the  company, and their products for MIL-Std and commercial displays. Several displays delivered in India

High Precision Electronic power supplies, Electronic Loads both modular and instrument type. Programmable - Digital, Analog, Single and Multi-output, Hot Swap, n+1 redundancy

Power supplies comply with all international safety EMI and EMC directives and  are CE marked. Our product line has evolved in step with technology advances so that we offer power supplies and power supply controllers designed to fill the needs of even the most sophisticated user.  Several Power supplies are delivered to large Research and manufacturing units in India for several decades.


POWER QUALITY RECORDERS -For Single, Dual, Three Phase and Environmental applications power disturbance monitors. Measures all types of Spikes, Sags, Line Frequency, Dropouts, Surges, Common mode and high freq noise, Power failures.  connects to Printers and Computers. Monitors line for 72 hours. Simple to operate.

Industrial Panel PCs
High Performance and low power
8.4" /10.4" / 12.1"/ 15" /17" 
TFT touch Screen Fan and Fan less PPCs.
Several dozens are of these PPCs are delivered to large Research and manufacturing units in India including DRDOs

Wide range of High Precision Power Supplies
AC/DC Constant voltage/ Constant current DC Power Supplies
Single Output / Multiple Output / Auto ranging / Programmable
Linear / SMPS / Laboratory Power Supplies
Arbitrary, linear regulated Precision Power Amplifier.
Several Power supplies are delivered to large Research and manufacturing units in India.  To download a catalog on  High Voltage and High current Power supplies please click EPSHVHC.
DC Magnetron Power Supply 
Power Mag Technologies is pleased to offer you the, USA solution to your sputtering power supply needs. These units are 100% quality and priced right. Our power supplies offer superior arc detection and suppression. These units have a compact design, voltage, current and power regulation modes, and full usable power across the entire power range. 

Solar Light® offers an extensive range of laboratory and scientific light measurement instrumentation, Solar Simulators, precision light sources, transmittance analyzers, meteorological instrumentation, OEM sensors and laboratory light measurement and UV ageing services.

Sciencetech Inc Canada manufactures  Light sources, Solar simulators, PV testing equipment, spectroscopy system, Monochromator and Detectors.  specialized in custom solutions to R&D projects  as per your requirements.


 Piezo Actuators and Nano Positioning. For applications in Microscopy, Beam steering, Piezo stages 1D,2D,3D
, Drives and controllers,  Direct drives, Piezo Double lever actuators, Piezo Parallel lever actuators, Drivers (Open Loop) and Controllers( (Closed Loop).

  MinusK Technology  
Designer  and Manufacturer of  Ultra-low natural frequency VIBRATION isolation optical table
systems and modules  has partnered with Kinetic Systems, Inc. Top 200 universities and Research laboratories in IS and world wide use these.

Laser Drivers 

OsTech develops and manufactures electronic control systems for laser diodes since 1998. These devices can contain laser current sources, controls for peltier coolers as well as cooler blocks. OsTech integrates also laser diodes of different manufacturers to complete turnkey light sources. Customised versions, e. g. fast pulsers, burn-in racks or medical devices can be offered.


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