Solar Light Inc: One of the oldest manufacturer (1975) of Solar simulators for Research and used worldwide by many Research establishments and Universities offer 3 ranges of simulators.

A) 16S:  These are used by education  and research facilities, may be pilot  plants to set up, to demonstrate and prove the use of a solar simulator to  product UV radiation  for such effects as fade testing, degradation  testing  as well as sunscreen protection testing  and so on. This also enables controlled research  for photovoltaic testing and solar panel research.   For more information please visit  Solar Light LS 1000  

B)  LS1000: The second type is the larger  model which can irradiate upto 8" square annd used extensively in soar cell testing  where steady state illumination helps in calculating  the efficiency of PV cells. LS1000 simulators output class A spectrum. It can also be used in biological applications using UV spectrum to research the biological responses in the range. For more information please visit    Solar Light LS 1000 UV:

C)  Model 601 Multiport:   This is a unique six output port  Solar simulator  specifically designed for Clinical research, testing sun protection qualities of  lotions, oils, cosmetics etc. Extremely accurate,, uniform output  and dose controlled exposure makes  this unique product invaluable where high throughout and accuracy and compliance are demanded by international testing standard.  A high specification  homogenizer ensures that the output is better than 97% uniform over the test area, ensuring  accurate and reproducible results within tests and between tests. For more information please visit Solar Light 601 Multiport.

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