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Minus K Technology, a leading manufacturer of vibration isolation products
has partnered with Kinetic Systems, Inc in designing a new,  versatile, ultra-low
natural frequency optical table isolation system.

The MK52 negative-stiffness optical table achieves 0.5 Hz or lower vertical and
horizontal natural frequencies without limiting its ability to support static loads.
When adjusted to a 0.5 Hz natural frequency, the MK52 achieves 93% isolation
efficiency at 2 Hz, 99% at 5 Hz, and 99.7% at 10 Hz.

New MK52 Negative-Stiffness Optical - Applications

The MK52 Optical Vibration Isolation Table can be configured for a wide variety
of locations and applications — wherever external vibrations can adversely
affect the operation of sensitive equipment. Ultra-low natural frequencies, high
internal structural frequencies, and excellent vertical and horizontal isolation
efficiencies make the system well-suited to applications such as analytical
balances, cell injection, confocal microscopes, patch clamping, optical
microscopes, wafer probing,  sensor calibration, and laser applications in fields  such as semiconductor processing, telecommunications,   and medical research. biology
and neuroscience to aerospace, semiconductors, and nanotechnology.
The MK52 is also ideal for applications requiring high resolution, such as Raman
spectroscopy, atomic force microscopy (AFM), AFM-Raman integration, and
micro hardness testing. They are an OEM supplier to leading manufactures of SPMs,
microhardness testers and other sensitive instruments

The MK52 is available in table sizes up to 4’ x 8’ with gross load capacities up to
2000 pounds (909Kg) (larger optical table sizes will be considered). Tables are
constructed with a 3/16” thick ferromagnetic stainless steel top skin, 3/16” thick
carbon steel bottom skin, and plated-steel precision honeycomb core.

Customization options include guard rails, padded armrests, overhead equipment
shelves, monitor stands, non isolated shelves for supporting equipment off the
tabletop, seismic restraints, auxiliary work surfaces, retractable casters, Faraday
Cages, and tabletop enclosures to protect against harsh manufacturing

Founded in 1993, Minus K is headquartered in Inglewood, California.

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